Strong Enough

I'm Audrey Miranda
And I have chosen recovery!

For beautiful eyes,
look for the good in others.
For beautiful lips,
speak words of kindness.
And for poise,
walk with the knowledge that you are never alone -Audrey Hepburn

Never give up hope.

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Some days it storms,
some days it shines.
This is how flowers grow.

You knew and You loved me anyways. (via heldinhishands)

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You knew me before I was formed; my every thought, every word spoken, every mistake made. You knew when I would fake a smile and when I would break. You knew when I would lie, when I would run too the enemy and all his promises. You knew every part of me and you still knitted me in the womb with the utmost care. You remembered my name when You paid the price. You knew of my human nature, and You loved me without any conditions. You loved me before I knew what love was. You adored me when I rejected You. I came into this world a sinner, and You forgave me long before I took my first breath. Your arms are still outreached, even though You know all I have done and will do, because You loved me first.

kinda mad that i cant breathe underwater

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